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The Rule of Fiore's Legacy

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The Rule of Fiore's Legacy

Post by Ararat on Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:37 pm

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to alter or add any rule I deem necessary at any given time.


  • Follow all of the rules set forth within this thread and all other threads that have presented rules.
  • Follow all of the systems provided to you closely. They are there for a reason.
  • There will be no god-modding. If you are found to be doing any such travesty, you will be reprimanded. Don't do it.
  • There will be no meta-gaming. If you are found to be doing any such travesty, you will be reprimanded. Don't do it.
  • Threads that are obviously "out in the open" cannot be private. If you wish for a thread to be private, locate it somewhere appropriate.


  • Your character isn't a God. You start at the lowest possible rank of a Magician for the love of Odin. Don't act like your character is one.
  • All characters must remain active or risk being flagged as inactive. This flag will go into effect after a week of inactivity, unless of course you provide us with the advert of a prolonged absence.
  • Your character can be in at most one Present thread and indefinite Past threads. Present threads are those that are taking place in the real time present. They typically include Mission and Event threads. You can only be in one place at any given time in Fiore. Past threads are those that have already taken place. They are typically used for relationship building and other recreational or "fun" threads. All threads must be properly classified within the title, so either Present or Past.
  • All characters must return to their guild pre and post mission. That's where you choose and cash in your requests. This means you may need to RP with your guild-mates whom are also within the guild at that time.


  • No Magic can instantly defeat an opponent, unless, a long chain of difficult prerequisites are met. However, this does not apply to vast gaps of Statistic differences (A more powerful Wizard can OHKO a lesser Wizard due to the immense difference in power).
  • All Magic is reflective of each character's Stats. Simply, your Magic's potency against an opponent is highly dependent on the comparative Stat spread between the both of you. No Magic can bypass this rule.
  • No Magic can replenish Magical Power during combat. Expressly forbidden.
  • No Custom Magic, Weapon or Armor may "copy" an effect, ability or spell provided by an equivalent item found within the Magic Shop.

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