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Milliana Annabella Romero

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Milliana Annabella Romero  Empty Milliana Annabella Romero

Post by Ararat on Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:51 am

The Character

  • Name | Milliana Annabella Romero
  • Nickname | None yet
  • Gender | Femme
  • Age | 18
  • Birthday | X32, April 1st (Current year is X50).
  • Sexuality | Straight
  • Theme Songs |


    Killer Instinct


The Persona

  • Positive Traits |

    • Caring: Milliana is an individual whom wishes the best for everyone, both friend and foe. She will go out of her way to ensure those around her are satisfied.
    • Quiet: Annabella is quite quiet. She hardly speaks and instead prefers to communicate with gestures and her infamous smile. This keeps her out of unnecessary trouble most of the time.
    • Quick Learner: The female Romero possesses an adept mind. She'll catch onto foreign ideas and situations quickly. Others would be hard pressed to fool her more than once.
    • Willing: Milliana will always try everything once, no matter how potently her fears tell her otherwise. She won't back down once she has agreed to participate in an activity.
    • Optimist: This blonde isn't a pessimist, far from it. She always looks at a situation in positive light and attempts to consul her colleagues whom believe otherwise.

  • Negative Traits |

    • Naive: Milliana is quite stubborn. She'll typically never consider foreign advice and instead prefers to learn her lessons the hard way.
    • Little White Liar: Annabella lies, a lot, but where they are high in number, they are low in consequence. Her intentions are never for ill. She's just a pacifist who'd rather tell a little lie than become engrossed in a heated argument.
    • Overly Emotional: This femme is a ticking emotion time bomb. She keeps all of her experiences pent up inside and then unloads them all at once in glorious fashion. If you're someone close to her, be on guard...
    • Battle Rage: Milliana will be well known for her composure and seemingly docile persona. However, none will forget her rage during the direst of times. She loses complete control and will become a being of pure bestial instinct.
    • Perfectionist: This girl has to complete every task with the utmost precision and care. She won't know what to do if a situation goes astray.

  • Habits |

    • Acrobatics: This blonde loves acrobatics. She started practicing at a very young age, 8 to be exact. Starting so young has provided her with graceful nimbleness.
    • Free-running: Milliana takes her love for acrobatics further by including it into her all time favorite pass-time, free-running. A lot of Magnolia's residents don't like it when she jumps over their homes, though.
    • Humming: Annabella hums...all the time. You won't be around her for a minute before she begins to hum some hymn.
    • Bromance: Strangely, Milliana feels more comfortable around men. This is why she tends to get closer to men than women.
    • Foreign Tongue: For some odd reason, Annabella will spontaneously speak in Spanish. Weird...

  • Fears |

    • Loneliness: Milliana fears being left alone and forgotten.
    • Losing Control: She's scared of hurting those she holds close.
    • Transformation Wizards: Something about them just doesn't feel right...
    • Altered Path: When something doesn't go as planned, Milliana gets scared.

  • Goals | Milliana's goal is simple; she wishes to surround herself with others, no matter who or what they are. Her ultimate fear is being left alone and thus she has moved to Magnolia to join the new and only established guild in Fiore, Fairy Tail.
  • Overall Personality | Milliana Annabella Romero is a kind and caring young women. Her life goal is to be surrounded by the greatness of others, no matter if these individuals are intent on good or evil. Furthermore, Romero will attempt at her utmost capability to ensure everyone whom surrounds her is pleased. Simply, she's a pet. A quiet, non-verbal being who follows others around and entertains them. However, don't mistake her for a brainless dog. She's got brains and rightly so. She even has a dark side most have yet to witness.


The Looks

Milliana Annabella Romero:
Milliana Annabella Romero  Marykof

  • Height | 5'6"
  • Weight | 108 lbs
  • Hair | Blonde and short to just about her mid-neck
  • Eyes | Dark blue
  • Accessories | She wears blue, fingerless leather gloves and a large, brown leather belt around her hips. The belt is obviously too big for her as the buckle hangs down one of her thighs. She also possesses a red leather jacket, but she hardly wears it.
  • Overall Appearance | Milliana is hard-bodied. Every inch of her physique is toned to nigh perfection and it is easily apparent at first look. Every movement of hers causes muscle contraction, which even further displays her figure's powerful beauty. Her bust is 88cm, 54cm, 85cm. Most of the time, Romero dons a tight, red turtle neck tank-top that illustrates her well kept figure. This means that her arms and thin waist are bare for all to see. Her lower half is covered by baggy blue pants with a star emblem on either far side of her legs. The pants are fastened by a black belt with a gold buckle. Her footwear is that of strapped, brown boots.
  • Distinctive Characteristics | She possesses absurd muscle tone.


The Wizard Within

  • Guild | Fairy Tail
  • Guild Tattoo | On the right side of her neck, just above her collar bone
  • Rank | Rank D
  • Magic Name | Phantom Veil Magic
  • Magic Category | Caster

    • Magic Specialized-Category | Other Magic

  • Magic Description | This Magic essentially manipulates light particles with both kinetic and potential electromagnetic radiation. This kinetic and potential electromagnetic manipulation allows the user to do the following:
    • Manipulate the velocity of objects, biological or not.
    • Manipulate light spectrum wavelengths, which provides the user with the capability to alter sight.
    • Manipulate light pressure, which provides the user with the capability to exert force.


The Wizard of Past

  • Birthplace | Moria Town
  • Family | Not that she is aware of. She was Orphaned at the age of 4.
  • Other Relations | None at her commencement.
  • Companions | None at her commencement.
  • History | Milliana Annabella Romero was born into a family of criminals, but fortunately, she knows absolutely nothing of them. As far as she's aware, their dead. Ironically, the majority of her family is indeed deceased. She grew up as an orphan in the dark town of Moria. Fortunately, her persona had provided her with ample opportunities to befriend many. Interestingly, Milliana actually liked being an orphan since she was always surrounded by people she cared for. But, being an orphan also had its detriments. Being adopted. It was an innate destiny for orphans and every adoption left her with less and less friends. She would break down and cry her soul to tears at every loss. But she had quickly learned that from loss came gain. Every day someone left, a new friend arrived. And so she carried on.

    At the age of 16, Milliana ran away from the orphanage. Why she had done this remains unknown. Hell, she hadn't known herself. She had awoken from deep slumber in a remote location. In a mountainous locale. Strangely, there had been an elder man awaiting for her to open her eyes. A man named Bogard something something, hell, she couldn't discern anything else he had said. His mustache had muffled every word! But he was a kind man, a wise man. Annabella could sense something powerful within him. Luckily, this meeting sparked Romero's knowledge of Magic. This elder hermit had awoken her inner power! He had unleashed what had laid dormant within her. And thus, she had learned her signature Magic.

    Not long after, during her 18th birthday, Milliana had a dream, or so she thought. She had begun to hear words, through the silent night, of something new. Of a newly found group of Wizards, Fairy Tail! The first of its breed the words had told her! And so, believing she would find happiness, Milliana had departed to Magnolia Town, the birthplace of Fairy Tail!
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