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The Living Area Empty The Living Area

Post by Ararat on Wed Jun 13, 2012 3:07 am

This is the thread where all Wizards will be required to post their arrival and their departures. This is the area where you first enter after opening the doors of the Fairy Tail building. This thread is open and thus those already within may attempt to spark conversation with you when you arrive. As noted in the rules thread, you may ignore all other posts if you so wish (if your character allows) and just move onto whatever else you were planning (move directly to the Request Room, ect) unless a confrontation occurs (someone tries to grab your character, ect).

Post away!

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The Living Area Empty Re: The Living Area

Post by Ararat on Fri Jun 15, 2012 4:20 pm

"Today's the day" thought Milliana Annabella Romero as she walked through the alleys of the grand city of Magnolia. Where was she headed? Why Fairy Tail of course. Like a bee lured to pollen, so was this young girl to the world's first Magus Guild. It was a strange situation, really. Milliana hadn't even received any notice or invitation and instead had seen through dream the very building she now searched for. Well, she hoped it was the same one as in her mind's eye.

As she danced and skipped through the darkened streets, of which were lit here and there by lamps of golden yellow, the young female Wizard hummed with bright eyes and risen cheekbones. "Hm-da-dee-da" would be heard from the petite blonde. To make things even more entertaining, Milliana's attire, with her red tank-top and baggy blue pants, whistled with joy in harmonious unison to her tune.

Little by little, through the nightly and seemingly empty Magnolia, Milliana neared closer and closer to the mighty Fairy Tail. And then she stopped. "Woah" was all that came forth from the girl's awestruck gape as she peered higher and higher to the tip of the building. Yes, it was just like she had envisioned. A mirror image from top to bottom. Her smile grew even larger as she nodded once, her blonde short hair shivering in delight, and then marched through the fenced gates toward the large front wooden doors.

She knocked three times. Strangely, no response. So then, one more--But before her fist could have stroked, the wooden doors parted with an eerie creek. "Really dark in here" thought Milliana as she walked in. As her head turned quickly from left to right and up to down, no one else she could see. It was empty. Strange.

"Well, I guess I'll just take a peek around until someone shows up" she thought as the petite blonde began her inspection of her new home, Fairy Tail.

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