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I want his ring!

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I want his ring! Empty I want his ring!

Post by Ararat on Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:59 pm

Mission Name: I want his ring!
Mission Rank: D
Mission Objective: Defeat Yani and take the ring from his lifeless fingers.
Mission Location: Beinor Ruins, Balsam Village
Reward: J5,000 per participant
Mission Detail: Your characters will arrive at the client's abode and then head into the Beinor Ruins to "retrieve" the ring from Yani.


I want his ring! Gargos2

Character's Name: Yani
Character's Rank (If Wizard): D
Character's Appearance: See above
Character's Personality: Unknown
Character's Role: Principle Mission
Character's Magic: Unknown
Character's Stats: Unknown

Mission Description:
Dear Fairy Tail,

My Lady is correct in her assertion that I am able to...eh, never mind! All you need to know is that I need a signet ring from a Mage. It was taken when I-no, no, you don't need to know.

While Beinor has all but disappeared, the outskirts of the city remain. Far to the east of Balsam Village lie the ruins of Beinor. It is there that you will find the Mage Yani. "Take" his signet ring and bring it back to me.

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