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Breaking the Keystone

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Breaking the Keystone

Post by Ararat on Thu Jun 14, 2012 2:14 am

Mission Name: Breaking the Keystone
Mission Rank: D
Mission Objective: Obtain the Rod of Order from Fozruk and free Gustov Poki
Mission Location: Kirin Highlands, The Uncharted
Reward: J5,000 per participant
Mission Detail: Your characters will arrive at the Kirin Highlands and then seek Fozruk's hideout. Your characters will then traverse the hideout and defeat Fozruk, take the Keystone and free Gustov Poki.


Character's Name: Fozruk
Character's Rank (If Wizard): D
Character's Appearance: See above.
Character's Personality: Unknown
Character's Role: Keystone holder
Character's Magic: Unknown
Character's Stats: Unknown
Mission Description:
Dear Fairy Tail,

If you find this letter, please, help! Locks hold me chained in the Kirin Highlands by some crazed rat-man. And the key is held by this stone watcher, Fozruk.

You must obtain that key, which the stone watchers call the Rod of Order, from Fozruk and use it to open the Keystone.

Magus, free me...and my gratitude will shake the very foundations of the earth!

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