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Marifun the Tiger [WIP]

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Marifun the Tiger [WIP] Empty Marifun the Tiger [WIP]

Post by Henbai on Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:44 pm

The Character

  • Name | Marifun
  • Nickname | Demon; Monster; The Tiger
  • Gender | Male
  • Age | ~ 19
  • Birthday | 27 August X31
  • Sexuality | He does not care about something as unimportant as gender.


The Persona

  • Positive Traits |

    • Gentle: Against popular belief, and the nicknames that have been slapped onto his persona, Marifun is actually a gentle soul and very tender hearted. He is very patient, especially with little children and is always here to listen to people's problems.
    • Sacrifice: Marifun might not be a people person, though if there is somebody who he respects he might even go as far as to sacrifice himself for them. He is very protective of those close, no matter how little that number is.
    • Calm: There is little out there that might rattle Marifun's feathers. He always stays calm and patient, no matter how dire the situation. Or how annoying the people close by are. He also is not a big talker, though he is far from being mute.
    • Quick learner: Marifun might be far from being book smart, though it does not mean he cannot connect the dots when they are presented to him. With his life experience it is easy for him to analyze situations and adapt to them.
    • No gossip: He would never, ever believe in what others tell him about somebody else. He is a man who always makes his own opinion, not caring about how others see it.
    • Today is the last day: Marifun always lives like the current day is the last day for him. Why not? He could be dead by the end of the day after all. This though - can also end in something negative.

  • Negative Traits |

    • Not bothering: Over the years Marifun had stopped bothering about what people thought of him. Actually by now it's so alright for him that he plays along. To keep his face as "monster" he pretends to be grumpy, uncaring and cold - even though he is none of that.
    • Masochistic: Marifun becomes rather careless during fights as he enjoys nothing more then being hurt. In his opinion it's only then possible to learn and gain more experience. Life is a strict teacher.
    • No fun: For him it is almost impossible to join in the fun. He is a person who rather watches from the sidelines - is amused by the antics, but won't join in. He is unable to handle the feeling, though that does not mean he is annoyed by people being playful around him.
    • ... or die trying: As every day could be the last one Marifun cares little about life. He might try everything if just asked/mentioned to him. Because if it really means the end...well then he can at least say - I died trying.
    • Lazy: It is hard for him to do any kind of work. When he has to do something repetitive or if something, in his opinion, is useless you will see him laze around and take a nap... wherever he falls.

  • Habits |

    • Children: He'll always try to make children [or close people] smile happily. He cannot stand seeing them sad or hurt.
    • Water: For Marifun there is nothing more comforting than sitting in water and washing himself. He'll spend many hours in a river/the bathroom simply enjoying the liquid against his skin.
    • Barefooted: He does not wear shoes - never. When wearing them he feels imprisoned and therefore has given up completely wearing anything on his feet.
    • Dancing: As soon as Marifun thinks he is alone and nobody can see him, he starts to... dance. It does not matter if there is actual music playing or if it is just in his head, he loves nothing more than to shake his hips and take awkward "dancing steps" around. Though while he is embarrassed to dance in front of "adults" it can be seen that he dances together with children.

  • Fears |

    • Failing: He is scared of failing the people around him and losing them in the end.
    • Ships/Flying: Marifun is deeply afraid of traveling by ship and/or flying. Not because he fears to drown or fall from the sky... He is motion sick. As soon as his body is turned into motion [also spinned around himself] Marifun becomes seasick.

  • Goals | He has no goals. He merely takes one step in front of the other.
  • Overall Personality | Already in early years people pointed their finger at Marifun and judged him. At first he was a beggar and thief then a slaughtering monster. He had tried to fit into society, but in the end he gave up and accepted their prejudices.

    Nowadays he appears as a grumpy, cold-hearted man, who is rather single-minded. He learned that if he gave them what they wanted they would shut up faster. It did not change how he really was. In end he is gentle hearted and unable to see children/close people around him harmed or hurt. He would go as far as to sacrifice himself to protect them, because he is thankful of the chance they give him. It is also not uncommon for him to step into a city and be immediately surrounded by children. While elders and 'wiser' people try to get out of his way they are easily drawn to him and try to pull him into their games. He actually would join in, even though his stiff posture easily shows how unused he is of letting go and simply enjoying himself for a moment.


The Looks

  • Height | 6'7"
  • Weight | 176 lbs.
  • Hair | Black hair that ends just at his shoulder blades. Wild bangs cover the right side of his face, the hair over the left side of it is shorter and reaches just above his left eyebrow. His hair is straight, though the tresses seem wild and not smooth.
  • Eyes | Strangely enough he has golden eyes - with just a tint of yellow, which make them glow even more.
  • Accessories | Marifun likes to carry around a huge katana, why though nobody knows. He also wears thin silver handcuffs around both wrists, with thin silver chains hanging off them. The middle chain link, which was cuffing them together, is missing.
  • Overall
    | Marifun is a tall man - his high making him easily overlook most of the people around him. His frame is skinny and his shoulders usually slightly hunched over. Only the lean, tight muscle covering all of his body shows that he should not be underestimated. He has an almost skeletal face - high cheekbones, almost hollow cheeks, a sharp nose and thin lips.

    Marifun is usually seen wearing a plain, dark grey kimono that ends just a little above his ankles. The cloth is rough and worn down - proving that he had been wearing it for years now. A thin, white sash is holding the ends together, which causes most of his chest to always be shown.

  • Distinctive
    | Thin, pale scars cover all of Marifun's body - though one would have to be close to really notice them. The only scar that can be immediately discerned is the one reaching from his hairline to his jawline [over his forehead, eye and lips] on the left side of his face.

    Besides the hair on his head not a single hair can be seen on his body. There is none.


The Wizard Within

  • Guild
    | x
  • Guild Tattoo | Just over his left hipbone.
  • Rank | D.
  • Magic Name | What is your custom Magic called?
  • Magic Category | Is it Caster or Holder type?

    • Magic
      | Is it Celestial Spirit, Elemental
      Manipulation, ReQuip, ect?

  • Magic Description | Describe what exactly your overall Magic does. Be thorough.


The Wizard of Past

  • Birthplace | Where was your character born?
  • Family | Does your character have any family?
  • Other Relations | Does your character have any relation to another character?
  • Companions | Does your character have a small flying cat following him everywhere?
  • History
    | What's your character's history? Please provide how he learned or was
    taught his or her custom Magic, how and what has brought him to Fiore
    and why he or she has decided to join Fairy Tail or remain guild-less.
  • Face Claim | Claim your face.

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