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Post by Ararat on Wed Jun 13, 2012 12:33 pm

June 14, 2012

In the mist-shrouded haze of the past, the land of Fiore teemed with wondrous creatures of every kind. Mysterious Elves and hardy Dwarves walked among tribes of man in relative peace and harmony—until the looming arrival of darkness shattered the world's tranquility forever. Now man-kind vies for supremacy over the scattered, warring races—part of a grand, malevolent scheme that will determine the fate of the world of Magic.

Goru, wise Wizard and the Grand Councilman of the Magic Council, has sensed a disturbing change...

Long ago, Fiore's destructive native Elementals raged across the world until the benevolent Dragons imprisoned the Elementals within themselves. Despite the Dragons' intervention, darkness has continued to ail Fiore. Over the ages, Wizards like Goru have communed with these Dragons, and, through patience and dedication, learned to soothe roaring infernos, bring rain to sun-scorched lands, and otherwise temper the Elementals' ruinous influence on the world of Fiore. They are known as the Dragon Slayers.

Now Goru has discovered that the Dragons no longer heed the Dragon Slayer's call. The link shared with these majestic creatures has grown thin and frayed, as if Fiore itself were under great duress. While Goru seeks answers to what ails the confused Drakes, he also wrestles with man-kind's precarious future as his people face growing hostility with their neighbors.

Meanwhile, Jiana of the Magic Council has decreed the formation of a group, a guild, of Wizards in response to mounting tensions between man-kind and the evil forces that threaten the balance of Fiore. The first guild in the history of Fiore now exists, Fairy Tail. So the Song of Fate has been sung, and those with the potential to wield Magic have been summoned to Magnolia, the foundation of Fairy Tail.

The age is X50. It is the 50th marking of a new milestone, a time that has forever forgotten the troubles of ancient past. Time, it seems, is not without irony, for the fate of Fiore's great races is once more shrouded in a fog of uncertainty, and the erratic behavior of the Dragons, troubling though it is, may only be the first ominous warning sign of the cataclysm to come.

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